What We Do

 Jewelry Showcase Depot delivers a message to customers, taking every detail of a brand’s presence and identity seriously. We analyze the brand image to understand the mystique of its message, which allows us to create displays, fixtures, and environments that bring it to life in the visual merchandising world. Our comprehensive approach to design, attention to detail, and customer service have made us a choice for some of the world’s leading brands.

Jewelry Showcase Depot can help you take full advantage of your retail space. Our team can conduct a comprehensive site survey to assess your retail goals and space requirements in order to develop visual merchandising display solutions. We have experience in creating cohesive visual merchandising across multiple licensees, making us a one-stop-shop for all visual merchandising and luxury packaging needs. We also provides on-site consultation for store set-up and fixture implementation.

Custom displays play a key role in your marketing strategy. Seeking inspiration from a variety of trends and resources, our well-rounded creative team will collaborate with you to create an innovative display that complements your brand image. Our team has experience in creating a variety of displays for both retail and luxury items, and is passionate about finding ways to maximize your brand identity beyond the initial scope of the project.

Our mechanical design team translates the creative concept into CAD-created technical drawings for the purpose of fabrication, focusing on engineering functionality to prepare your product for prototyping and manufacture.

We utilizes global trends, materials, and manufacturing techniques from around the world. With over 25 years of experience and strong partnerships with vendors, We can provide a variety of solution-based, cost-effective materials including textiles, woods, metals, electronics, lighting, and raw materials. We can find the right materials for your product, whether your needs are value-focused, renewable, sustainable, luxury, etc.

Your project will be assigned to an experienced, professional customer service team that includes an account executive, a project manager, and an account coordinator. This team oversees every detail from concept development through delivery of the final product. Our experience, customer service, and commitment to communication and customer satisfaction have enabled us to forge long-standing relationships with some of the world's leading brands.

Our team of multilingual, international professionals guides your project through the stages of prototyping, production, quality control, delivery, and distribution. We have a firm commitment to delivering durable, functional products on time and on budget through strong communication and quality control.

We strives to create high-quality, reliable products through strict adherence to quality control at our three ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou, China. Each facility is staffed with highly trained, experienced craftsmen and equipped for specific production methods, meaning that your product will be manufactured according to its unique needs. All facilities are owned and operated by Jewelry Showcase Depot, totaling over 200,000 square feet and over 150+ employees, which allows us to control costs, quality, and efficiency.

Our Designers work around the clock
Of our customers are repeat customers
On time delivery rate

The warehouse of Jewelry Showcase Depot handles large shipments, usually receiving 2-4 containers per week from our manufacturing facilities. Owned and managed in-house, our warehouses take pride in superior inventory management, providing speed as well as clean, accurate inventory reports. Inventory is counted strictly and frequently so that discrepancies can be identified and resolved in a timely manner.

Jewelry Showcase Depot cherish every minute of our clients,so we always delivery our goods on time to meet our clients' schedule.Our long-term cooperated logistics partner ensure the fast delivery all over the world without any damage of product because of the professional firm packing.

Installation,Retrofit,Refurbishment,Removal & Recycling.Our full-time installation and maintenance crews have over 20 years experience in carpentry,construction,Fixture manufacturing and electrical.