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Enhanced Customer Dwell Time Drives Retail Profits
Jan 27, 2019
In the retail industry, customer experience has always been important, but now it's critical to improve customer satisfaction, repeat business and store profitability. Increasing customer satisfaction and stay time can drive more products in the shopping cart and increase profitability. The demand f...
How Brick-and-Mortar Can Fight Back With Data
Jan 27, 2019
We are always there: pajamas, too early (or late!) for stores to be open, even if they are, traffic and crowds may be unpleasant. Shopping through the warm blue light of a computer or mobile phone seems easier. After all, price matching is as simple as switching between browser tabs, and the product...
Create a Purchase, Not browse, In-Store Shopping Environment
Jan 27, 2019
During the holiday season, when it comes to in-store shopping, opinions are often mixed. PwC's “Retailers and Interrupted Times” survey found that while 68% of respondents were interested in browsing products in the store before purchasing online, 73% of respondents said they browsed the Internet an...
How Does Experiential Retail Disrupt an Industry?
Jan 27, 2019
The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation as e-commerce undermines the traditional physical store model and creates a new model of “experiential retail”. The experiential retail trend is driven by a number of factors, including the increasing popularity of e-commerce, the decline in t...
Building a Store that Drives Traffic & Sales
Jan 27, 2019
State of industryLast year, 10,168 retail stores shuttered their doors. News outlets reported on what many started calling the “Retail Apocalypse.” The hype aside, store openings actually surpassed the number of closures by more than 4,000, according to the IHL Group report Debunking the Retail Apoc...
How Leading Retailers are Disrupting Traditional Store Design
Jan 27, 2019
The days of depending on your nearby shopping center for Christmas shopping are gone. The decisions and stock available to the cutting edge buyer are virtually limitless through the Internet. Numerous physical retail organizations have thought that it was difficult to compete and shut...