High End Luxury Jewellery Shop Decoration

High End Luxury Jewellery Shop Decoration

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At the risk of sounding like a cliché, our projects truly do range from A to Z. From major international retailers, to architects & building interior design agencies,to general contractors, to large companies, to small businesses who need visual merchandising solution, Jewelry Showcase Depot has enjoyed a partnership relationship with all of them. We not only have a professional designer team to help you with branding and visual merchandising,but also have full-fledged manufacturing resource and are capable of producing custom jewelry & watch showcases,display counters,store fixtures,mall kiosks and other retail display units using global premium materials with incredible speed and accuracy.We work worldwide for independent flagship stores,duty-free shops,private showrooms,trade shows,local chains and international networks.Over the last 20 years we have dealt with thousands of clients.Explore the largest collection of shop interior design and decorating ideas and get inspired!

Jewelry Showcase Depot provides the best in commercial interiors ranging from flagship stores to other retail display units. We combine experienced retail design and expert craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind environments that differentiate our clients.What you can always count on from Jewelry Showcase Depot is a professional solution built to the highest standard to help you enhance your branding and product value. You want a product that will maximize your sales potential while minimizing your costs.The price of your solution will depend on the materials, construction, design, and functionality. With this in mind, Jewelry Showcase Depot will work with you to determine the best solution to your needs.

Do you want to increase your customer flow and sales for your store?Do you want your visual merchandising to be a strategic advantage over your competitors in the highly competitive business world? Over 20 years of providing custom retail solutions gives us the expertise to deliver high quality solutions on-time and on-budget. Furthermore, we leverage those decades of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and project management of our client's programs to save your time, money and headaches.Whether we spot design & engineering opportunities that save you money today or stand by your product down the road, Jewelry Showcase Depot takes extra care to ensure your project is an absolute success. Warranties can be developed on a design basis to support your store and protect your investments.

Creative Exceptional Design

Jewelry Showcase Depot has a team of  highly skilled designers that can bring almost any project to life. With 20+ years of collective experience, our designers can take a napkin sketch to a 3D rendering or live prototype quickly. In addition, Jewelry Showcase Depot provides solutions for retailers, flagship stores, remodels,  and new store construction. Whether your project requires a turn-key solution or a professional project service, Jewelry Showcase Depot is here to help you achieve a successful and cost effective solution. We've designed store displays for some of the worlds leading retailers. With an endless variety of materials, finishes and technology to work with, your fixtures will be tailored to meet your branding, merchandising and security needs.

Jewelry Showcase Depot’s creative design service also includes value engineered alternatives that lower costs and improve display performance. You can count on our store and display designs to:

  • Deliver a unique experience that drives sales with precise branding.
  • Engage your customer through interactive technology.
  • Protect your merchandise with anti-theft devices.
  • Enhance the flexibility and functionality of your fixtures through intelligent design.
  • Enhance customer experience through ease of use and point of purchase.
  • Improve customer/employee comfort and productivity with ergonomic display designs

Value Engineering

Design & Engineering impacts everything from manufacturing and shipping costs to your store fixture performance and longevity. Our engineers consider the direct and indirect costs as well as the potential risks and liabilities associated with a store fixture's design, materials and finishes. Jewelry Showcase Depot's Value Engineering will:

  • Reduce Production and Shipping Costs
  • Reduce Installation Time
  • Increase Display Durability and Life Expectancy
  • Increase Employee Efficiency and Comfort
  • Increase Display Flexibility and Capability

Design + Engineering Quality Assurance

Jewelry Showcase Depot upholds the highest engineering standards in the industry. Everything from AutoCAD drawings, 3D renderings are individually designed to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest quality and consistency in manufactured parts and fixtures.

For each fixture or display manufactured, Jewelry Showcase Depot will create detailed drawings including:

  • Isometric View(s)
  • Front View
  • Top View
  • Side View(s)
  • Exploded View(s)
  • Complete Bill of Materials
  • Individual Prints for each Part

Rapid Prototyping: 7 Day Design-Build Prototype

OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Contact Jewelry Showcase Depot about cost effective OEM manufacturing. With 300,000 square feet of flexible advanced manufacturing and state-of-the-art equipment, Jewelry Showcase Depot  can support your project or manufacturing overflow. Benefit from a cost effective, lean manufacturing management. For 20+ years we've delivered on-time, on-budget, quality controlled custom manufacturing for leading brands and organizations. We will add value to your supply chain.

Material Capabilities: Wood,Veneer, Stainless Steel, Solid Surface +

Jewelry Showcase Depot's vast material expertise and fabrication capabilities allow us to create anything you can dream up. Our engineers and material experts will work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind product consisting of wood, metal, corian, laminate, glass, stainless steel, marble, composite, solid surface or any combination.

Fixtures, Displays, Millwork +

These extensive capabilities have made Jewelry Showcase Depot a single source supplier for retailers in need of fixtures, displays, signage, furniture, hardware, architectural millwork, props, store accessories and more. Jewelry Showcase Depot's product offerings include:

  • Merchandising Displays & Fixtures
  • Mall Kiosks
  • Cashwraps & Shop Counters
  • Interactive Displays 
  • Furniture,Tables & Seating
  • Shelving,Hardware & Accessories
  • Freestanding Casework 
  • Platforms,Risers, Cubes, Pedestals
  • Slatwall & Slatwall Fixtures
  • Decor Packages
  • Slatwall & Slatwall Fixtures
  • Sign Frames
  • Lit and Unlit Signage & Props
  • Storage display supply

Technology Integration,UL Electrical, Security, Anti-Theft +

Incorporate the latest in LED Lighting,Light boxes,A/V,Anti-Theft,and Touchscreen Technology to create engaging experiences.  Jewelry Showcase Depot is UL Certified and experienced in manufacturing  display showcases, mall kiosks and store displays which safely incorporate your power needs. When it comes to security, Jewelry Showcase Depot is experienced with the leading brands such as Vanguard anti-theft and anti-shoplifting devices.

Low-VOC Finishes with Improved Durability

Jewelry Showcase Depot’s finishing capabilities include wood and metal powder coating, automated finishing, and spray booths using low-VOC and water-based paints. Jewelry Showcase Depot's custom water base paints reduce VOC's by up to 60% compared to lacquer, contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants, and improve product durability and performance. This allows clients to improve their stores air quality while simultaneously extending the life of their fixtures and overall return on investment. Whatever the precise project needs, we strives to deliver a solution as flawless and cost effective as you will find in manufacturing today.

Warehousing + Inventory Management

Jewelry Showcase Depot’s headquarters consist of a 300,000 square feet of flexible manufacturing and warehouse space. With over 80,000 sq.ft of dedicated warehousing and fixture & display inventory management, we have the capability for short term holding a variety of store fixtures and materials. This allows us to offer our clients more storage space to warehouse fixtures until they are ready to be shipped.

Fast Delivery + Installation

We perform store installations and services nationwide to accommodate your store schedule and minimize downtime. Each of our installers has 20 years experience in carpentry, construction and fixture manufacturing  and are problem solvers capable of delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions on-site to keep you on schedule.

Loyal Support Behind Your Products

Over 20 years of experience in retail, visual merchandising, and corporate fixtures & interiors brings savvy insight to your project from start to finish. The end goal of our business model is a full implementation of your brand identity.By a passion to provide our clients outstanding products followed up with the type of service that keeps you coming back. We provide 24/7 loyal support to help you with any question because we we valued every dollar and second you spend.

High End Luxury Jewellery Shop Decoration

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