Delivering projects on time and on budget is where our team excels and creates trust with our family of clients. We ensure that every component and part is scrupulously reviewed by our team to safeguard each brand’s DNA. Our client longevity is a testament to our mission to provide solutions to the world’s leading brands.


jewelry showcase

United Kingdom Jewelry Store Project

With e-commerce continuing to prove an existential threat to the survival of brick-and-mortar stores, physical retailers need to find new ways to keep their customers engaged. One of the most effective tactics? Designing for flexibility. The ability to adapt to new products as demand dictates, as well as to develop new retail layouts at speed, allows store managers to create retail experiences that can keep surprising shoppers from one visit to the next.

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jewelry store design

United State Luxury Jewelry Shop Showcase

In this project, the team at Jewelry Showcase Depot are constantly seeking to optimize the retail experience, both for the client, and the client’s eventual customer. The shopfitting systems help to develop commercial retail spaces that can react to today’s rapid pace of change, irrespective of whether you’re a small shop owner or a large retail chain. The creative designs, which have redefined shop floors from luxury style to fashion stores, are helping retailers to respond to market shifts week after week.

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jewelry display showcase

Hongkong Luxury Displays Store Project

The Project organizes all the typical basic functions of an luxury shop in a lavish 1000 sq ft space.Essentially, Jewelry Showcase Depot has divided the space into four functional zones, one for displaying and selling, a concealed vip room along with a room for view control and finally a backend technical area for the attached services. This sequence of spacing winds along distribution axis that exploits and enhances the longitudinal development of the space.

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Provide retailer with superior fixture and environment solutions through collaborative partnership to improve speed,service and ROI.

jewelry shop design

France Premium Jewelry Duty Free Project

This store is a luxurious total jewelry duty free shop. It is a chic and luxurious concept jewelry shop which is different from the traditional patterns, colors and layouts.To make you feel chic and sophisticated, Gold is the main concept color match, The high ceilings were exposed and exposed with the brand logo.

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jewelry showcases

Australia Jewelry Shop Project

Interestingly, the brand has opted for an individual aesthetic for each of its boutiques, and this non-generic approach has reached new heights with the dramatic revamp of an existing retail space.This transformation coincides with the brand’s gene, and as such, the design created by the company’s design team with interior designer Eric of 20 year practice in retail projects is a showcase of sorts, and one that aims to create an improved shopping experience for the brand’s savvy following along the way.

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jewelry display cabinets

Saudi Brand Jewelry Store Project

Many of the pieces in the jewelry collection feature free flowing lines with soft exquisite materials that have been crafted and colored to perfection. These have all become trademark qualities of the Cartier brand.To follow this spirit, the overall design is expressed with clever shapes, style, and colors with storage functiion. As we continue to address the simplicity of the space, the material of “personality" is to be found in every detail of the architectural shell and furniture.

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